5Kg Bales

Our coco peat blocks are securely packaged in poly packs, ensuring protection from moisture and adherence to international standards. If you have any concerns regarding weight or product quality, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to addressing any issues promptly.

We offer both washed low EC and unwashed high EC Coco Peat 5Kg Blocks to cater to different preferences

  • Acting as surface mulch
  • Serving as a rooting medium and desiccant
  • Supporting gardening and nurseries
  • Thriving in greenhouses
  • Benefitting farming practices
  • Excelling in hydroponics systems
  • Providing organic nourishment for indoor plants and horticultural crops

About Cocopeat Blocks:

Cocopeat blocks, also known as coir pith, are derived as a byproduct during the extraction of Coir fiber from coconut husks. They serve as an ideal organic medium for soil reconditioning in horticulture, facilitating seed germination, cuttings, and plant growth. They can be used as the primary growing medium for vegetables and flowers in farms, greenhouses, and potting mixtures.

To hydrate the blocks, add 25 liters of water and allow for complete absorption. Once reconstituted, a yield of 60 – 75 liters can be obtained.

Coco peat can be compressed into various forms after drying, including the 5 kg cocopeat bale or 2 kg bale, with a moisture capacity below 25%. This product is available in washed, non-washed, or buffered variations, with delivery options including pallets.

Size, packaging, and quality can be tailored to meet the specific requests of buyers.

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