650g Briquettes

Briquettes are specially crafted for retail markets, catering to home gardeners and hobbyist growers involved in gardening, cropping, horticulture, and hydroponics. They serve as excellent potting mixtures or soil conditioners. These briquettes are well-suited for a wide range of nurseries, including those focused on flowering plants, vegetables, and fruits, as well as ornamental indoor and outdoor plants, both in retail and commercial settings. With an impressive compression ratio of 8:1, they offer significant cost benefits to both retailers and customers. For the retail sector, briquettes can be provided with custom labels as per the customer’s specifications. Cocopeat is available in both Low and High EC Levels, while the briquettes themselves come in sizes of 600g, 620g, and 650g and Both peat and husk chips can be used as raw material.


Product CodeExpanded Size(cm)Average Weight (g)Expansion Volume (l) With waterFilling Volume(l)Compression RatioLoading/ShippingLoading/Shipping
Length/ Width/ HeightGramLiterLiterFlow Loading Bags per 40FTFlow Loading Bags per 20FT
ESBK21520 / 10 / 05650 ± 508 to 1088 : 14100020000
ESBK215W20 / 20 / 05650 ± 508 to 1088 : 13450017200


Materials Used Coco peat, 3mm, 6mm, 12 mm (RED/BLACK), Husk chips or a combination
Material Formula Formula as per customer specification

Coco Dust

Husk Chip



  • Packing with LDP / HDP printed bags.
  • Labels as per customer requirement.
  • Packing in white bags or Printed (Negotiable)




Bell Pepper




Other Applications