Open Top Planer Bags

Eco Soil planter bags are made for use in green houses and plant nurseries in hydroponics and horticulture. Especially, they can be used for several crop cycles without changing the growing media. Open Top planter bags are ideal for crops, flowers and foliage in home gardens. “Smart in sizes and easy to handle” makes them more popular in the use. These are packed in UV treated PE bags therefore can be used directly or laid in containers and pots. High compression ratio maintains considerably high amount of growing substrate to allow good roots distribution and to maintain enough water/Fertilizer capacity. The Open top planter bags are available in half palletized 20ft or 40ft containers.


Product Code Size (cm) Outer Diameter Weight (Kg) Compression ratio Packing / Shipping
no of Pcs / Pallet
Packing / Shipping
Pallets per
Packing / Shipping
Flow Loading Length Width Height GB’s per 40FT
ESPB2518 25 / 18 / 18 1.0 1 : 8 550 20 40


Materials Used Standard Coco peat, Husk chips or a combination
Material Formula Formula as per customer specification
Grade Analysis
  • Percentage Water holding capacity depending on the material formula
  • Electrical Conductivity < 1ms/cm (Un washed materials)
  • Average pH value 5.5 to 6.5


  • Packing with LDP / HDP printed bags.
  • Labels as per customer requirement.
  • Packing in white bags or Printed (Negotiable)



Other Applications