SDGs that EcoSoil considers

Goal 1: End Poverty

The workplace and its ambiance is a live inspiration on three essentials for a sustainable living namely: Saving, Investing and Growing. Greenliving was founded on the same principles and grew from small to large through hardships, but thanks to the robust thinking and dedication of management. Everyday working culture here is supplemented with insightful communication on how the savings should be practiced to develop households. Savings are not the raw materials of expenditure in our context, as we nurture our staff families and their to invest on home gardening, and growing at some scale since they’re having arable lands. This enables reducing poverty, enabling women engagement and uplifting household economy which reduces early marriages and resultant population pressures.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Rural Sri Lanka is no exception to the chain reaction caused by poverty and associated hunger caused by population pressure. Highest vulnerabilities are evident among the lower middle class downwards, especially among the late teenage groups. Our value chain and the product development concept well accommodates these age groups to engage, involve and reap benefits in contributing for economic production. Motivated youth are turning up with vocational education, entrepreneurship and other modes of progressive living, a ray of hope to uplift the cognitive levels and self development in contrast to the sad stories of hunger associated with profuse family model.

Goal 2: Good Health and Well-being

ES and GL are progressing with inclusive development, where liaison is maintained with regional and national level resource institutions engaging with lower income communities. With contributions made to educate target communities, we believe it as an investment for our own sake to reduce community health and hygiene concerns among our own employee families.

Goal 4: Quality Education

While blame goes to many conventional organizations for non-consideration of uplifting rural education levels, we among the millennial organizations are gaining blessings and goodwill among associated families for the initiatives taken at right times. We have set examples by rewarding the employees whose children are showing remarkable performance in school attendance, sports skills and exam based evaluations by providing monetary benefits. Children are recognized by applauding and acknowledging their performances at company gatherings, bringing laughter and courage towards the dedicated workforce at ES/GL.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

A well crafted cocopeat/grow bag product comes so soft and gentle, but its journey across various steps of processing involves dedicated workmanship for perfection. Our pride has been the active engagement of both male and female workforce at every level. Even the sophisticated machine runs are now overlooked by trained female workers, offering them equality and dignity. Since inception, working at ES/GL has been offering the take-home of pride and privilege to males and female workers equally.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Chemical-engaged processing coupled with insufficient effluent management measures have become key culprits within the industry to release unfavorable tannins, contaminating waterways and creating environmental pollution. Processes we undertake do not involve chemical based processing hence create no effluents, bringing us the joy being an environmentally aligned operation. The work culture and cleaner environment practices adopted at ES/GL are benefiting the employed families to think big on environmental impacts as they’re educated on the long term impacts of effluents and environmental pollutants.

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Our processing and drying operations are excluded from usage of heated air treatments and chemical processes. We are adhered to the conventional solar drying practices where sizeable land area is dedicated to dry our substrates through sole-natural processes. these practices are distinctively contrasting from the basics of the profit book, yet we strive with dignity of delivering products adhering to a safe and sustainable environmental blueprint.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Growth has been a reflection of our success and our team is committed to achieve sizeable growth in the years to come. In contrast to many other industry sectors where growth results in an environmental decline, ours acts as a complimentary factor delivering longevity and stability to the environment which caters to the demands for food and habitats. While encouraging clients to make use of our products towards improved greenery, we assist and offer the stakeholders down the line to use the primary and intermediate grade materials in their home gardens and vegetations at highly concessionary rates.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Industrialization and construction of roads, rails and other modes of transportation has been blamed on the accounts on uncontrolled deforestation and destabilization of life-friendly ecosystems. We bring the remedial measures ranging from urban greenery projects to the giant roadway projects where sloped terrains and miles of road constructions are supplemented with green belts and soil construction materials crafted with our own expertise.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

For urban and semi urban settlements where natural plant habitats are compromised on human needs, we provide support in blowing the air of life! Experts in the fields of city planning and urban architecture have realized the role of plants and green belts, and are extensively adapting the eco concepts offered with our products with their modern construction projects.

Goal 13: Climate Action

ES/GL promotes transformative actions to reverse worsening environmental deterioration, hence promoting peace of climate! Materials we offer bring satisfaction, aesthetic pleasure and relaxation in all-natural ways. This reduces consumer drive and significantly promotes the much needed task of creating nature-appeal among urban mindsets. In contrast to the use of metal, glass or polymer based decoratives and construction aids, we offer nature aligned solutions providing more relaxation, wellness and peace of mind within an ambiance meant to sustain!

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Marine resource management has highlighted usage of environment friendly products at all levels of consumption. Things destined as non-cyclable wastage frequently end up in sea-beds, and planting pots made of polymers are no exception. Our products bring in the solution on such sectors where degradation is assured on ground while further complimenting marine flora and fauna when destined at seas.

Goal 15: Life on Land

UN charter assessment in 2019 demands transformative changes towards protecting diversity in the wild, where the world is at the crossroads of infrastructure developments disturbing settlements and sanctuaries of wildlife. We are proud to be part of the transformative change where sustainable solutions are offered to complement nature friendly road infrastructure projects undergoing in sensitive ecosystems.

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