Eco Soil Substrates (Pvt) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of the best quality Coco peat, Hush chip and Coconut Fiber based grow media products for Horticulture, Agriculture, Hydroponics markets and Home gardening products.

The company also cater to different market segments such as Animal bedding for farms, Oil absorbents for areas such as factories and other work floors, Products development for Highway bank stabilization projects, Vertical gardening and Roof top greenery projects.

Our focus is on the highest importance on Customer Satisfaction that is based on the quality products and timely delivery. Taking maximum advantage of group company, Direct dealership with the shipping companies, we deliver the products securely and speedy from our two factories located in two separate locations in the country. All operations are centralized by the head office situated in capital city of Colombo.

Bata Atha factory