Grow Bags

Hydroponic Grow Bags are well-suited for use in commercial nurseries, greenhouses, and home gardens that employ hydroponic growing techniques. They integrate seamlessly with drip irrigation systems.

Coco Pith Grow Bags serve as popular mediums for soilless growing systems in greenhouses. This 100% environmentally friendly product finds widespread use in cultivating various plants, including vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, flowers such as roses and gerberas, as well as fruits like strawberries and grapes. They can be fabricated using 100% peat, 100% hydro (Coco chips), or a blend of both.
To foster robust root development, a grow bag offers an optimal growing medium with high air capacity. When combined with recommended nutrients and fertilizers, it empowers plants to thrive. Additionally, grow bags address nutrition-related challenges, ensuring a sustained uptake of fertilizers compared to other methods.

These grow bags are meticulously packaged in high-density, UV-treated, co-extruded plastic bags, designed to endure for a minimum of two years. They are also conveniently transportable prior to rehydration. Upon customer request, we provide pre-cut drain holes, planting holes, and dripper holes.

Comprising a specialized blend of coir pith and chips, grow bags are engineered to maintain the perfect air-to-water ratio for hydroponics. Our stringent quality control measures guarantee that only top-tier coir products reach our valued customers.


Product CodeExpanded Size(cm)Weight (g)Volume (l)Filling Volume(l)Loading/ShippingLoading/Shipping
 Length/ Width/ HeightGramLiterLiterFlow Loading Bags per 40FTFlow Loading Bags per 20FT
ESGB-1001512100 / 15 / 122.0184502410800
ESGB-1001816100 / 18 / 163.128.8310247440
ESGB-1002008100 / 20 / 81.3166502415600
ESGB-1002010100 / 20 / 102.220360248640
ESGB-1002012100 / 20 / 122.624340208160
ESGB-1002016100 / 20 / 163.229.7400208000
ESGB-1003016100 / 30 / 165.349240224800
ESGB-1101508110 / 15 / 81.5136002013200
ESGB-1101510110 / 15 / 101.9164752010450


Materials UsedCoco peat, 3mm, 6mm, 12 mm (RED/BLACK), Husk chips or a combination
Material FormulaFormula as per customer specification
Grade Analysis
  • Percentage Water holding capacity depending on the material formula
  • Electrical Conductivity (Ec) < 2ms/cm
  • Average pH value 5.5 to 6.5

Coco Dusk

Coco Husk


  • Packing with LDP / HDP printed bags.
  • Labels as per customer requirement.
  • Packing in white bags or Printed (Negotiable)

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